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ASP and SEO – Don’t Believe the Myths

Before I wrote this original post (now over 4 years old), I went over to our faithful Google’s Keyword Planner (formerly Google Keyword Tool), and looked for keywords related to ASP and SEO. I found almost nothing, which furthers the purpose of this publication even more – don’t believe the myths out there, ASP.NET (or […]

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Bad SEO Advice and Tips to Avoid

Dated and misleading search engine optimization, keyword strategies, and page rank advice exists out there. Tips that promise traffic boom for your website from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Too much of the free help covers a system long since revolutionized. Some of the alleged top Google listing tricks can even harm your online business. If […]

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Keyword Search Tools and Research for Best SEO Practices

When people search for information, services, products, entertainment, or whatever else they wish to find on the Internet, certain phrases go through their minds that relate most to what they seek – these are keywords. Matching the language online entrepreneurs use, with the phrases web surfers use, poses one of the biggest challenges of doing […]

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Twitter Success Does Not Mean Becoming a Follower Yuppie

I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the Twitter follower craze. Blindly building a huge follower list will not only waste your time, but dampen your Twitter success. The More You Follow, The Less You Connect Above all else, social networking is about, well, socializing and networking online. It’s about making connections […]

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