Professional Estate Organizer

Professional Estate Organizer


Web Platform

Original Design, Twenty Fourteen (customized for Student Portal)

Desktop, Mobile, & Tablets

Contact Form 7, Custom Logins, Fourteen Colors, Hide Admin Bar, Peter’s Login Redirect, Require Login, WP Clone by WP Academy

Connected Platforms
e-Junkie, Google Analytics, PayPal

Project Description
Designed and customized main layout and portal theme to client specifications, formatted all photographs and content.

Currently Maintain

Diana Todd-Banks As my webmaster, Warren Samu is a joy to work with. He is creative, easy to work with, reliable and factual about what will work online and what won’t, that way saving a client time, which of course equates to money. Another benefit of working with Warren is that he is patient and asks a lot of questions certainly when presented with a complex online project. He’s a great teacher and his answers are simple and easy to understand. Not gobbldygook jargon.

Diana Todd-Banks
Consultant & Mentor | Estate Organizer Advisor | Public Speaker | Author

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